When you have made the difficult decision to leave the security of a salaried job and start your own business, the next decision is what industry to go with.  Looking through the many business opportunity magazines and adverts presents you with a daunting selection of potential businesses, all claiming to offer the best opportunity and the highest returns, so why should you decide to enter the vending industry?

Vending machine business is not a new industry, far from it, vending machine has been around since Roman times when pure drinking water was vended.  Modern vending machine as we know it, has been for the past 70 years or so, with a wide selection of simple mechanical to sophisticated electronic vending machines, vending every conceivable product.

Vending machines in the 24/7 culture of the twenty first century are an accepted part of our everyday lives, so much so that most of us barely notice the profusion of vendors where ever we go.  It is interesting to imagine a world without vending machines in all the convenient places that we just expect to find them, in our places of work, leisure centers, hospitals, stations, street corners, toilets, pubs – in fact you can hardly think of a location where you won't find one or expect to find one.  Vending machine business works as a business concept because it offers the consumer convenience and opportunity, when ever and where ever the consumer desires.  It is this fundamental fact that makes vending a truly viable and desirable business proposition.

Many businesses are dependent upon a buoyant economy to thrive.  Should the economy start to falter with credit crunches, rising interest and mortgage rates, increased unemployment and the onset of a recession, many businesses reflect this economic downturn with reduced sales and profits, and can even face closure.  Fortunately, this barely effects most forms of vending machine due to the low cost impulse buy nature of most vended products particularly comfort eating treats which consumers purchase regardless of outside economic forces.


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