The vending machine business is not like in most businesses, the setting up cost can be very high in acquiring and fitting out premises, purchasing specialist equipment, vehicles, stock, advertising and marketing etc. should the business fail, the vast majority of that investment will be lost and the business will be finished.  In vending machine business the major investment is in the vending machine equipment, the variable is the site, and as long as you are able to acquire sites your vending machine equipment will always take money, in fact there are many operators today using vending machine equipment purchased over twenty years ago that has been in several sites over the years.

Other than the largest of vending machine business operations, premises are not required for warehousing or offices, as even a reasonable size business can be effectively run from home using a garage or spare bedroom for the relatively small amount of stock that needs to be held.  A commercial vehicle is not required for most vending machine businesses as the family hatchback or an estate car would be perfect for visiting your sites.

Compared to almost every other business category, vending machine business provides a relatively low cost, low risk business opportunity with simple predictable growth in the long term.  Of great appeal is the speed in which a new vending machine venture can be established and successfully trading.  Our franchised operators can be up and running their new business within one week of receiving their vendors and stock, and collecting their first sales revenue a week after that!  Vending further benefits from being a cash business with no debtors and therefore no risk of customers not paying or having to finance the credit terms you offer your customers.

For those requiring a new business that can fit around either an existing business, or existing family commitments, vending offers total flexibility.  To service a simple mechanical vending machine business can take as little as 5 to 15 minutes, with many sites having out of business hours opening, allowing the operator to visit when it suits them and when they have the time.


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