Vending machines are a lucrative business they can make passive income for you. It work for you 24 hours a day and don't require a lot of time and attention. The important things is to keep them stocked with fresh product and to remove your money each time you service the vending machine to reduce your loss if someone breaks into your vending  machine. Here's how to get your money.

  1. Open the vending machine by inserting the key into the lock. The front door of the machine pulls or pops open.
  2. Locate the money tray inside the vending machine. This is usually locked but the same key that opened the machine is usually the key for the money lock as well.
  3. Remove the money tray carefully after unlocking the compartment. The tray should be full of coins, so it's heavy. Take care not to tilt or turn the tray sideways as the coins can spill out.
  4. Empty the coin tray into your cloth coin sack or whatever container you're using to hold your coins. Use a different coin sack for every vending machine you have so you can count the money from each machine separately for inventory purposes.
  5. Replace the coin tray back inside the coin compartment exactly as you found it. Make sure the coins drop into the tray by inserting coins into the vending machine. Move the tray accordingly, so it's directly under the coin shoot.
  6. Finish servicing the vending machine and close the door. Make sure it's locked to protect your products. Go to the next machine and repeat the same process.


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