Vending machines that sell candy,potato chips,or other products always require coins or dollar bills to be inserted,to make a purchase. Vending machines of the future may have facial recognition systems built into them,so putting money into the machine would be unnecessary. A facial recognition system is basically a camera connected to a computer. The camera obtains a picture of your face,and the computer identifies your face,by comparing it to pictures stored in it's data base. In order to use one of these vending machines, you would have to register with the company that owns the vending machine. You would be able to do this over the internet. First,log on to their website, and fill out the on-line application

This application asks you for some information,such as your name and bank account number. They need to know your bank account number so the cost of the things you get from their vending machines can be deducted from your bank account. Then, you must upload a picture of yourself. It would be best to upload several pictures of yourself, especially pictures that show your face from different angles. After your application is complete,and your pictures are uploaded, you will be able to use any of the vending machines owned by that company. Their vending machines may be located at airports,gas stations, hotels, tourist attractions, and other locations around the world.

To use one of their machines,all you have to do is stand in front of it. The machine is equipped with a camera that obtains a picture of your face. When the camera obtains a picture of your face,the computer in the vending machine analyzes your face,and in a few seconds, it determines that you are one if it's registered customers. When your identity is verified,the machine plays a recording of a voice that says "Your face is recognized. You may make a purchase now." This recording can be heard through a loudspeaker that is built into the machine. You push buttons to choose whatever product the vending machine is selling. The product is dispensed,and the cost of the product is automatically deducted from your bank account. With this type of machine there is no need to carry cash,credit cards,or debit cards to make a purchase.


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