Instead of just jumping into vending and hoping for the best you should prepare by doing as much research on the subject as you can. Let's consider some of the vending machine business information sources that you may use to get a preliminary understanding of the industry, some data for your business plan or some solid advice.

Advice from Other Vending Machine Business Operators
The best way to get advice and information about the vending business would be to ask some existing operators about the local industry and their businesses.

Due to the competitive nature of the vending machine business some business owners may be unlikely to share a lot of information and may even discourage you with false information.
However some of the more established operators care a lot about improving the often bad reputation that the vending industry has. They may be keen to see new operators start out properly instead of having them end up adding to the myth that vending machines and their owners are not to be trusted.

If you try to get talking to a business operator while he or she is re-stocking one of his machines you may be able to get some information out of them as part of a polite conversation but it is unlikely that they would spare a lot of time to go into the details.


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