Every chain store has their own sort of entity. What you are going to find to be the best way is to go in and talk with the local manager of the store. You want to actually set it up this way because that is the best way to find out and get your information right.

One thing to consider is that some of these bigger chain stores might have a contract with a company already. What happens is that some bigger companies in cities will put bids out. What a bid is, basically like an application, or you have to fill out an application to bid on putting in vending machines in this facility.

You wouldn’t just be providing vending machines for that store, you would be providing vending machines for a bunch of stores in that area, like their chain of stores.

But your first source of contact would be to contact the management first, and simply ask them, What is your vending situation like here? Do you have any vending machines? How is the service? I have a couple of machines that I would like to place here.
I would say the best thing is; instead of going right to the corporate office, go to the local management and ask what they feel is the best route to take with that. Once you get into the corporate end of things, like corporate management, you could be chasing most people all day long for months and months. There are some websites out there that actually you can go to where you can be a member of their site and see what bids are coming up in your area.


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