Every chain store has their own sort of entity. What you are going to find to be the best way is to go in and talk with the local manager of the store. You want to actually set it up this way because that is the best way to find out and get your information right.

One thing to consider is that some of these bigger chain stores might have a contract with a company already. What happens is that some bigger companies in cities will put bids out. What a bid is, basically like an application, or you have to fill out an application to bid on putting in vending machines in this facility.

You wouldn’t just be providing vending machines for that store, you would be providing vending machines for a bunch of stores in that area, like their chain of stores.

But your first source of contact would be to contact the management first, and simply ask them, What is your vending situation like here? Do you have any vending machines? How is the service? I have a couple of machines that I would like to place here.
I would say the best thing is; instead of going right to the corporate office, go to the local management and ask what they feel is the best route to take with that. Once you get into the corporate end of things, like corporate management, you could be chasing most people all day long for months and months. There are some websites out there that actually you can go to where you can be a member of their site and see what bids are coming up in your area.

It’s time to turn our attention to whether vending is a viable business to enter, as well as the average cost for a very important part of the business: the vending machine.
Is vending a reliable business venture?
The first recorded vending machines date back to the first century B.C., but came to prominence in the late 1880s. These were primarily postcard and gumball machines with simple mechanisms, a single selection and accepted one coin.
The snack and soda machines we recognize today – multi-selection, accepting multiple coin types, dispensing change – originated in the 1940s. In the ’40s, of course, vending machines accepted coins only, did not dispense change, and limited selections about 20 items. These were fully mechanical vend mechanisms and required no power to operate the vend cycle.
Early soda machines required power to refrigerate the product. The modern vending machine design with spiral dispense, full change capacity, dollar bill acceptance (usually by dollar bill coin changer), 30-40 snack selections, and up to 10 soda options, came to being in the late 1960s and was refined in the 1970s.

Improvements in vending machine technology since have been base on electronics and computer innovation, with standardization of protocols and improvements in currency acceptance. Ultra-modern vending machines can accept a variety of payment types – credit cards, large denomination bills (up to 0), cell phone charges (charging a product to your cell phone bill) – can be monitored remotely by Internet, can produce sales figures to individual unit numbers (sold 13 Snickers and 8 Doritos out of this machine last week), log machine entry times, and can even provide surveillance with camera technology. Yes, we’ve come a long way, baby.
So how is this history lesson relevant? Vending machine technology is responding to market need. The successful vending operators have driven this technology with their purchasing habits. Like all businesses, if technology affords a profitable advantage, that product has a market. The fact that the vending machine manufacturers have continued to produce better and better vending machines means that the vending business is a reliable venture when run properly.

Facts you should know about vending

Vending machines are machines that dispense food items, beverages, toys or other items for a fee. Vending machines can hold many different types of items, such as cold drinks, coffee, candy, cookies, sandwiches, cigarettes, bubblegum, gumballs, newspapers, ice cream, ice, healthy foods, soda pop, water and snacks. Most vending machines are coin operated, but some operate with a lock and key, or by code. You can find vending machine companies by looking online for one near you or by checking your local phone book. 

Consider which type of vending machine you need for your business, such as soda cans, juice beverages, and coffee. If you're an antique store owner, you may be interested in antique vending machines for your business. Some liquor stores may even offer beer bottle vending machines. When wondering how to choose the vending machine for your location, check out several different vending machine companies and their backgrounds. Target vending machine companies that offer the specific type of machine you want, such as crane, claw, mini, manual, automatic, ATM, carousel, bulk, personal, combo or vending machines for capsules and stickers. 

Find out how long the companies have been in business, what their hours are, and what their service availability is. 

Find out if the company or franchise is properly licensed, and get written quotes and prices for all services. Inquire as to what type of vending machine services are available, such as repair, as well as accessories such as labels. 

Ask how often the vending machine company representative will come by to refill items. Work out a schedule in advance and get it in writing. When choosing a vending machine company or franchise, research the various types of vending machines available. Research various vending machines online, where you can find reviews, prices, photos, and troubleshooting tips. 

Vending machine business profit has always been the topic of discussion in the society. Many people are eager to know how much vending machine owners can earn and how profitable are vending machines in general. The answer to the question, is vending machine business profitable is YES, provided you follow some rules and regulations. The vending machine profits are sometimes very huge while others have to struggle a lot to reach that level. 

How to Earn Profits in the Vending Machine Business

Arrange for Finance
The profitability of vending machines is great, however, this business requires money or credit at every stage. If you are cash strapped, then you may have to postpone buying the products from your suppliers and this will hamper your business prospects. So, you need to ensure finance at attractive rates of interest to increase your business volumes. If you find it difficult to get loans sanctioned, then bring in a business partner and divide the expenses equally.

Look for the Best Location
The answer to the question are vending machines profitable is surely a yes if they are located at prime locations. The vending machine business profit would naturally be high if you are able to sale more products to more and more people. So, crowded streets, shopping malls and multiplexes would be the best options for setting up vending machine business. Vending machine profits would be high if you cater to the customers in rich localities because of their high spending power.

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If you're familiar with the concept of passive income, you know it's the best method of generating a long-term return on your time and effort. A "stream" of passive income can range in scale from a single project or investment to an entire business. In this article, I'll help give you some ideas on where you can start.


Things You'll Need:

    "The desire to create passive income."
  1. First of all, a good financial education is the key in all of this. I spent over a year just reading on this topic before I leaped into action on ideas that I had no idea were going to work or not. If you've been in an employment situation for most of your life, this concept takes awhile to get your mind around. It's not "get-rich-quick" but at the same time it's worth it because you'll get both more time and money if you're successful.

  2. Start small and focus on stability. I've found it's better to start a small project (keeps you from going into debt) and grow it to the point it's stable. This way your time is free to start a second, third, fourth, and so on while the previous projects continue to bring in an income. You do this enough times and your income is "stacked" to the point you can transition into what most people call retirement.

  3. As far as what you can specifically do, there are unlimited opportunities out there. If you're an expert in your field or have a specialized hobby, you can write advice articles and books. On-line businesses are good options as well, again if you start them small and keep them debt-free. Traditional small businesses are more expensive to start, but if you do the research there's still many fields where you can make a good income (the passive element is from repeat customers or eventually hiring employees who handle the work). Through the real estate market goes up and down, I've known people who have done well after putting a lot of research into it. Just in general, brainstorm what you would enjoy doing and make sure you have a plan ahead of time.

  4.  Don't get discouraged if results seem small or don't seem to be happening very rapidly at first. I think that's where most people get frustrated and give up too quickly. Passive income is made over time not overnight.
By: Patricia Gilliam

Money, income, bills, investments, does the sheer thought of them make you want to shriek in disgust, curl up into a prickly ball?

What an advantage to those with reliance on advisors of financial savvy! Early on in their lives, while the rest of us still trying to make some sense of the financial world! How many times did the thought strike you "I could be rich now, if only all these facts had come to me as a kid, or at least much earlier." Why then would you let your child experience the same lack of practical financial strategy?

Hillary Adams, a former white collar worker, felt the same, every time her son asked her for an advance. All her talking about not having enough money and his having to be more careful with his spending did not seem to be understood by him.

She needed facts, a way of demonstrating, and soon. About the same time she quit her job and went into business for herself, she began digging for a sensible solution.

First, many nights were spent in books. She discovered the term “passive income” and a fascination with its concept.

Passive Income
Does it mean it just “sits there,” regardless of what one does, it's inactive? Not exactly. Passive income is cash-flow obtained without linear time involvement. In other words, while you sit on the porch knitting, your passive income is generated, non-stop. You only had to do the work once.

Secondly, after Hillary discovered this concept, thought of all the benefits of doing business this way. She began to motivate herself for several days into finding a way to make a small investment, on behalf of her son, with a very important “switch” in mind.

Here is What Hillary Adams did:
She bought a small table-top game machine. As the contraption was delivered, and she and her son Aaron unwrapped it, she let him try it out, play with it, answered his questions, and finally told him: "Aaron, this machine is yours. And even better, all the money it's going to make is yours. However, I am only able to lend you the $227 it took to purchase the machine for a little while. You must pay it back. I'll help you set up the machine the rest is your business. Now, honey, tell me, can you do it?"

Aaron thought for a minute. His answer surprised Hillary: "Mom, I don't know if I could do it by myself. But with you there, I guess so. And after that….Yes, mom, I guess I can do it."

Thirdly, as they set up the machine in a few days, and impatiently waited for their first cash pick-up day to arrive, Hillary noticed the benefits of her actions had already begun to materialize and she was quite pleased.
The exciting “switch” she had intended had taken place, from her son's waiting to be given money to his own plan of action, from “give me” to “I can do it MYSELF.” His attitude, after re-paying her the amount for the table-top game machine would now be the one of a responsible business person. Now that he had done it once, he would always be able to do it. He would not remain in the "poor" thinking mode.

He would eliminate the feeling of lack of money from his life, while he now had the self-esteem and confidence to invest the surplus of his machines, after purchasing a few more, in his very own college fund.

The Moral
Without looking, you don't find. Such a small change is bound to turn Aaron's life around, for he is already on the way to becoming an accomplished business owner. "How old is he?" you ask. He's only 12 years old.

Wouldn't you like to take a vacation whenever you want, or have your wife stop working so she can look after the kids and still keep up the payment of your bills? Well, if you wish to achieve this, you need to build a passive residual income.

Definition of passive residual income:
The definition of traditional passive income is "Income generated with minimal work from your investments such as interest, dividends, or real estate rentals." However in this article we are discussing creating a passive income online. Investment of time and money is initially required to build a passive income online, then possibly minimal work thereafter.

The benefits of generating a passive income:

1. Make a strong initial effort to get your income started, then do minimal work (or virtually none) thereafter, resulting in earning more and doing less.

2. Freedom to choose when and where you wish to work.

3. Your passive residual income is not dependent on a 9-5 work week and can be generated 24 hours, 7 days a week.

4. Able to give yourself a pay raise whenever you want by creating multiple income streams.

5. Create an unlimited amount of income - you are only limited by your imagination.

6. Have more free time to spend time with your family, friends or go on vacation.

7. Ability to give to charitable causes

8. Create residual income for your future retirement.

There are many reasons why you might want to start a vending machine business. The more informed you are, the more you are going to be better prepared for making the right decision. If you are considering a vending business, or have thought about it, there are some good advantages to the business owner.
First, you can operate with all-cash. Excluding the many credit-card capable machines out there, you will love the ability to operate with all-cash, away from the potential problems of having to deal with credit card acceptors. In addition to this, think about all of jobs you had that allowed you to operate on your own hours, without a strict time schedule? Having the freedom to do what you want, when you want to do it, is an important thing to consider. As well, you could enjoy more time with family and friends, away from your job, while your machines work for you and generate potential profit.
Secondly, you could enjoy having a low startup cost. If you plan on operating a business, but stay away because of the initial investment, then look no further because you could enjoy the lower startup costs, which saves you money. As well, consider all of the tax you might have to pay as a business owner, which in this industry there are substantial tax benefits you could enjoy, which potentially save you even more money.

There are so many different types of vending machine and you may be wondering how do vending machines work. Some vending machines provide snacks like chips, candy and cookies to name a few. There is also vending machine that provide cold and even hot beverages, you can also find vending machines with lunch items in it such as sandwiches. Sometimes in airports you will see vending machine with iPods and other great electronics. All these machine work just about the same way, the machine accepts payment and you select the item code you would like. This is all done electronically, basically computerized. Some vending machines also have refrigerators or freezers installed in them to keep the food fresh and the ice cream frozen.

You Asked:
How does coin recognition in vending machines work?

My Answers:
For human beings, recognizing if a coin is real is pretty easy. We can look at the coin, weigh it in our hand, feel the temperature, listen to it hit the floor, etc. If someone handed you a coin replica made of plastic, you would immediately know it is fake even if it looked authentic to your eyes. If someone handed you a blank steel slug, it would obviously be “not a coin” because it wouldn’t look like a coin at all.
What we take for granted as humans is not so easy for a vending machine. A vending machine needs a relatively inexpensive way to detect if a coin is real.
If you look at vending machine you can understand how the simplest possible vending machine recognizes coins. It uses the simplest possible coin detector. All that it looks at is the diameter of the coin.
In something like a soda machine, there is usually a more sophisticated recognition system that usually depends on: A) diameter, and B) magnetic fields. 

Vending business

Vending business is an automated business system with the use of vending machines.

Vending machines offer vast product lines to provide, mainly food and beverages, such as snacks, canned sodas, candies, etc. Other type of products can include: newspapers, public transportation tickets, and even iPod.

I keen on vending business due to the inherited passive income capability. Moreover, with its premise of “convenience – anywhere, anytime,” vending business is recession-proof, because it answers people’s need for convenience.

Any experience in running a vending business? Please share by commenting on this post.

Leveraging success

Success can mean anything – more time with the family, working whenever and wherever you want, etc. – but the most common measurement of success is – surprise, surprise – money.

Having ‘excess’ money means more opportunities – either to spend it lavishly or invest it. I prefer the latter, and I hope you do, too.

Leveraging your success – in this case – your money, is crucial in your path to financial freedom. You have to find ‘vehicles’ to make your money work hard for you, not the other way around.

One way to do it, is to owning businesses that don’t require you to actively involved in them, producing passive income streams for you.

The ideal passive income small business opportunity

Almost all type of business can be turned into passive income businesses, but there are certain types of business that, by nature, allow you to practice passive management and to earn passive income.

My take on passive income businesses are: all things automatic, such as automatic car wash, and coin-operated businesses, such as laundromats, phone booths, and vending business.

Of all, I keen on vending business.

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The concept of paying for a location in the vending business can be categorized under one of three headings:

1.Placement Fees
3.Locating Fees

It's important that you understand the unique nature of each of these items. Snack and soda vending account placement require a bit of effort in marketing and sales to make the right placement locations. Using a vending account locator service to find accounts for you might seem like a simple way to land locations for your machines but understand that when you use such a service you will have to pay a Locating Fee to the service when you close the deal with the property that your machines will be placed at. These fees are generally only one time expenses but can be very large in some cases based upon the perceived value of the account to your business, meaning the amount of money that you are expected to make from the account over the course of the first year.

Placement Fees are in a word BAD in another word STUPID and in a final word REDICULOUS. Never agree to pay a placement fee. If the property owner asks you to pay a placement fee it means that you are not important to them, they do not value your relationship to them and they will replace you as soon as your competitor comes along willing to pay a higher fee than you are.

The vending machine industry has spawned numerous businesses with high profits, but machine placement--a process and expense known as location--can quickly eat into the income produced. With some knowledge about the vending industry and a professional approach, a proper vending machine location contract can be created to ensure profitability for all parties involved.

Some Locations Require Fixed Fees

In some locations, particularly hospitals and office buildings, managers or facilities personnel who approve the installation of a vending machine require a fixed monthly or quarterly fee to pay for "rental" of the machine's location. This fee varies depending on the type of machine installed, but typically ranges from around $5 per month for simple stand-alone machines, such as gumball machines, to as much as $50 per month for coffee and snack vending machines that require electricity or water.

Motivation. It's a complicated subject that is studied by many and understood by few. Virtually every aspect of human life -- from the mundane to the life-changing -- is guided, swayed and altered by motivating factors.
For instance, what to have for dinner may be motivated by a desire to lose or gain weight. Whether or not to attend a business seminar may be motivated by the speakers, location and cost. When and where to buy new clothing may be motivated by a long list of personal preferences as well as the changing seasons and weather conditions.
Even reading this article is a motivated behavior. Do you like the style of writing? Are you curious about the subject matter? Do you have a desire to learn new information? Do you have enough time to finish reading? If the answers are no, you probably won't continue reading!
But since you have continued, you are obviously motivated. You want to learn more about how to get and stay motivated, and how this motivation can help you become a better business owner.

Motivation is one of the most powerful driving forces in the workplace. It can mean the difference between tremendous success and failure.
Motivation stems from two sources. The first part of motivation is external or extrinsic (outside the person) sources. Other motivating factors come from internal forces, which are mainly your thoughts, patterns and collective experiences.

Did you lose weight fast and become thinner because of the stress given by handling your own business? This article will help you get rid of that problem.

In handling a business, careful preparation should be done to gain more profits and reach success. In any business, it is very important to be consistently equipped towards captivating customers. Most victorious companies are those who use strategies that can guarantee them of positive feedbacks from frequent or new customers equally. Actually, there are various modus operandi by which marketing becomes effective but only if it is carried out properly and with the loyalty and support given among those who are involved.

For instance, you are launching new products. It is very vital to expose your product widely. It entails lots of budget but your product will be known and it gives you great chances that costumers will be attracted with your product.  You may decide on choosing a local level of broadcasting if your funds are limited during your starting point. On the other hand, if you planned for a major leap, international and national channels are readily accessible, it just that these might cost quite a heavy budget. Despite of the scope, media outlets can definitely get attention and attract customers.

Due to the generally low startup costs involved with vending compared to other industries it is not a sensible idea to go too far into debt right away. You may need access to credit at a later date to see you through tough times or to expand so it is best to use savings to cover startup costs if possible. However if your starting capital is insufficient you could consider one of the vending machine financing options below.

Financing from Family and Friends

If you do need funding then a loan from friends or family would be the best way to go. If they have a lot of trust in you and you are sincere with them this arrangement can work well. If things go bad though you can risk losing a lot more than your business.


Alternatively you could look at taking on an investor and giving them an ownership stake in your business. Potential investors would probably want to see a detailed vending business plan. They may also want to have an active role in the management of the business in return for their investment. For the small amount of funding required you are usually better off having 100% ownership of your business and having full control.

Vending Machine Distributors

Vending machine distributors will often offer you financing plans to help you to purchase their machines. It is likely though that you will be required to come up with the money for a sizable down payment. If this is not possible then the distributor's finance company may be able to offer you financing to cover most of the cost providing that your business plan looks strong and that you have some collateral to offer.

You will also find that some of the distributors that you are able to purchase inventory to stock your vending machines with, can sell to you on credit. Depending on the deal that you work out with them you can usually arrange to pay your invoices within 30 days (Net 30). This is usually only possible if you have a good credit history and are able to show references.

Other customers have emailed the following tips and ideas which may help your business!!

  • General Vending Tips
  • Bulk Vending Tips
  • Snack & Soda Vending Tips
  • Jukeboxes 
 General Vending Tips
  • A well maintained machine will be used more often than a neglected one.  Service your machine often and it will yield a bigger return.  Keep records.  Change slow moving products to alternatives.
    Spread out your route, it will bring up your sales average.  Service your machine yourself and when you're comfortable with it you may  want to hire someone to help you. Check their work regularly.  The more selections of products you put in a location, the more profit that  location will bring in.
    A colorful machine will bring in more revenue.
    Check with other vendors to compare notes.
  • Try not to go the same time to, collect your money like every Monday, on the 1st. You never no who is watching you. Try and go different times of the week or month. Its good security

By owning a vending machine business, you can be a part of the ever growing billion dollar retail industry, which has proved to be a boon for both - people associated with the industry as well as the customers. By starting a vending machine business, you can earn good amount of money, even if you are not physically present at your business premises. The success of this vending machine business depends on the quality of service you provide your customers. Now the big question is - 'Is vending machine business profitable'? Given below are some vending machine business plans, which will be useful to achieve your business targets and answer all your queries.

The answer to the question - how to start a vending machine business, is by following a properly designed and well executed vending machine business plan. This vending machine business plan will consist of setting realistic targets for your enterprise, planning well in advance for its future, inventing new business strategies, understanding purpose and future growth prospects of the business by setting right objectives and mission and arranging for initial business capital. Here is a well chalked out vending machine business plan to start vending machine business.

Vending Machine Business Plan: Buying The Vending Machine
For buying the vending machine, you have two choices - either buy a vending machine machine which is doing very well and is making good profit, or buy a new vending machine. Buying a running vending machine business, if it is located in a good area, from the business point of view, is a good idea because you get a ready and well established customer base. While, if you buy a new one, it takes time to win the customers confidence. Once you buy an established vending machine business, your only job is to provide good service to retain existing customers and attract new customers.